"We want to thank Irina for the awesome gift to Windsor Park.This is beautiful piece of art! Her talent she shared with us and the hours and hours of work she put into the lovely stained glass window in the prayer room."

Baptist Church Windsor Park


"I am very delighted from Irina's work. It looks great!!! Exectly what I wanted to see in my house! Many thanks to LeadArt Deco!

Natalia Kovaleva 


"Thank you Irina! The design, attention to detail and precision in artwork is superb. I like the way your eye is cast to the surroundings and your designs develop around that to give continuous flow to the overall aesthetics and design of the house"

 Jacqui Caetano


Trust you are well. Just a quick note to say thank you so much for all your hard work. What a fabulous job you did with transforming our boring looking windows into a wonderful creation. The windows look great and compliment decor of our house. We love your art work, and would recommended you to ouir friends.

Jenny Yakunina 

"Many thanks Irina for the wonderful windows you created for my front entrance. I appreciate the time you took to listen and the unique design you came up with. You've added character and value to my home. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and spend time with you.

Michelle Lemay

"Her design and work has created magic in our house. Especially the big windows by the dinning table, where we used to pull blindes down all the time for privacy. now we can wide open the blinds and while enjoying the bright blue sky and sunlight, the frosty parts of the windows ensures privacy.

Thank you so much for your creative designs perfection of the workmanship.

                                                                                                                  Jinny Kim