Question 1: Is it necessary to remove the glass from the frame when create a leadlight?

Answer 1: No, our technology allows you to create a leadlight directly onto existing glass.  This allows you to avoid additional expenses with installation.

Question 2: Can your leadlight be adversely affected by rain or active UV?

Answer 2: All the materials we use are of the highest quality. These reputable British products are certified and covered by 20 year guarantee. The colour films are premium quality, incorporating highly efficient UV filters to protect against fading. It does not shrink and also scratch resistant.

Question 3: What kind of glass is suitable for leadlight?

Answer 3: Any piece of flat glass is ideal. It can also be used on Plexiglas (excluding rippled glass). Moreover, the film and tape increase the durability of the glass and make it safe.

Question 4: Is it possible to use leadlight on the ceiling?

Answer 4: Yes, our unique technology allows you to create a beautiful leadlight for your ceiling. In this case we would use only Plexiglas. This makes the construction much lighter and totally safe. The visual effect is just as beautiful as that of a classic leadlight.

Question 5: What kind of advantages does this technology have?

Answer 5: This technology has many advantages:
  • The creating process is much faster.
  • Affordable prices to suit any budget.
  • Possibility to create more intricate designs with small details.
  • Huge range of colour scale options for films and stripe.
  • High resistance to UV.
  • Covering high customer demand.